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Experts In Mass Spectrometry For Food Analysis

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Modern food production depends not only on the knowledge of culinary experts and professional tasters but also on cutting-edge analytical devices and software platforms. The hardware and software provide food companies with a plethora of data points on a variety of parameters such as composition, texture, density, and moisture. Food companies can then combine insights from consumer experiences and preferences to that data set. In short, aligning qualitative information with extensive quantitative data.

For example, gas chromatograph / mass spectrometers (GC/MS) can be used to rapidly deliver tens of thousands of data points for each item evaluated. These devices provide valuable insight into the chemical composition of a food product including how that composition changes with time and location.

TechConnect's client, a Fortune 500 food company, uses GC/MS devices, in conjunction with analytical software to analyze their products. In particular, the client uses Agilent hardware along with Agilent's proprietary software to generate large pools of compositional data. Specific tools of interest include:

  • Mass Hunter Professional Profinder
  • Mass Hunter Unknown/Qualitative/Quantitative Analysis

The client is seeking subject matter experts (SMEs) with in-depth knowledge and experience with Agilent software platforms for on-going engagement involving:

  • Processing of raw data such as:
    • Base-line correction
    • Retention time adjustment
  • Creating large sets of processed data
  • Generating comprehensive databases suitable for data mining
  • Extracting insights from databases

The ultimate goal of this effort is to generate actionable information about their food products, leading to new innovations for consumers.

The goal of this sprint is to facilitate contact and interactions between the Sprint sponsor and commercial entities (including Start-ups) or technology developers or research organization/university in this space. Submissions from all viable subject matter experts are of interest including those from academia and commercial entities.

Submission requirements:

Solvers submitting an Entry are encouraged to highlight capabilities in their Submission that meet criteria including:

  • Experience with:
    • Agilent software tools such as Mass Hunter
    • Processing data sets
    • Compiling databases
    • Gaining insights from databases
  • Previous food products analyzed
  • Ability to provide guidance on existing or new Agilent tools
    • For data integration
    • For data manipulation

Business Opportunity for Solvers

All complete and eligible Entries will be included in an exclusive Innovation Opportunity Report that will be presented to our client. Solvers with well-matched capabilities may be contacted directly by either TechConnect Ventures or the client to discuss potential partnership opportunities, including – but not limited to – demonstrations, consulting, contract research, licensing, and more. Top-rated Entries may also be invited to register or participate in an upcoming TechConnect Ventures event or pitch program.

Participation Rules & Guidelines

Solvers are encouraged to review the Rules and Guidelines provided on the Sprint page for details about participation, including submission criteria, eligibility information, and more.

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