Innovation Challenges & Sprints

TechConnect Ventures is seeking innovations and emerging technology for the following industry needs.

NASA Open Innovation Challenges

TechConnect Ventures is proud to be awarded as a featured vendor the NASA Open Innovation Services 2 (NOIS2) contract. The 5-year, $25M NOIS2 contracting vehicle will access the power of our innovation ecosystem to solve some of NASA's greatest technology challenges.

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Wearables & Sensors Sprint Series

Seeking novel solutions focused on technologies related to sensor monitoring and analytics, including wearable devices for personal health and thermal management monitoring, as well as portable sensors and 3D visualization of sensor data.

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NASA Lunar Deep Freeze Challenge

NASA has a mission critical need for novel small-footprint, lightweight, low-/no-power cryogenic containment solutions that will enable long-term storage and transportation of lunar material samples back to Earth.

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Open Challenge Sprint Series

Seeking technology solutions for our consortium of industry scouts and corporate VCs. Current programs include Advanced Materials, Digital Transformation and Biomedical Sprint Series.

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Verification of operational hardware authenticity and integrity

Seeking innovative solutions to verify the authenticity and integrity of hardware components by the end user.

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Disruptive Innovations and Emerging Technologies for Large Power Transformers

Seeking innovative solutions to replace the current state-of-the-art in Large Power Transformers for power generation by reducing the overall transformer size and improving ease of replacement.

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For over 20 years, TechConnect has provided advanced technology prospecting and commercialization programs to advance innovation partnerships within its global network. TechConnect has sourced over $250B in industry funds and $25B in government funds to date through our global Events and Innovation Challenges such as the Utilities Innovation Challenges, Advanced Materials Challenges, Defense Medical Challenges, and many more! Learn more at: