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Advanced Materials Series 2   Submissions Closed

Capturing cutting edge materials solutions to challenges in every sector!

  • Sustainable Films and Coatings for Paperboard
  • Innovative Gas Barrier Technologies and Materials
  • Materials for Improved Cold Storage and Transportation of Perishable
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Advanced Materials Series 1   Submissions Closed

Capturing cutting edge materials solutions to challenges in every sector!

  • Additive manufacturing/3D printing of composite materials
  • Materials and enabling technologies for flexible stretchable electronics
  • Innovative coatings technologies for lightweight material alternatives (non-steel)
  • High strength polymer materials for lightweighting in transportation
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Coatings Series – Round 3    Deadline: Wednesday, June 16

  • Air Purifying Compounds for Coatings
  • Futuristic Coatings Application Innovations
  • Innovations in Coatings Applicator Cleaning
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Coatings Series – Round 2   

Missed the Deadline? No problem! Late submissions are welcomed on a rolling basis. Submit today!

  • Ultra UV Protection Technologies
  • Green Technologies for Coatings
  • Technologies Enabling High Solids & Low VOC for Coatings
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Coatings Series – Round 1

Missed the Deadline? No problem! Late submissions are welcomed on a rolling basis. Submit today!

  • Cure on Demand for Coatings
  • Multi-functional Compounds for Coatings
  • Enhanced Surface Durability for Coatings
  • Corrosion Inhibition Innovations
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COVID-19 Series   Submissions Closed

  • Biodegradable or bio-compostable materials for single-use wipes
  • Novel materials or media for micro-/nano-particulate filtration
  • Continuously self-cleaning surfaces and coatings
  • Sustainable, biocompatible materials for personal protective equipment
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5G+ Technology Series   Submissions Closed

Uncovering technologies to enable the 5G+ industry revolution!

  • Enabling technologies for flexible and conformal antennas
  • Enabling technologies for Dynamic Spectrum Utilization and Sharing (5G+)
  • Innovations in wide bandgap radio frequency analog circuits
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Packaging Series   Submissions Closed

  • Innovations in fresh food packaging
  • Novel bio-sourced plastics for rigid packaging
  • Innovations in direct printing for plastics, polymers and packaging
  • Novel moisture barrier technologies for packaging
  • Innovations in sustainable multilayer packaging technologies
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Biomedical & Healthcare Series   Submissions Closed

Expanding access to emerging medical devices, materials, diagnostics, imaging, modeling, simulation and more!

  • Bio-Inspired Omniphobic Coatings for Medical Devices
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Sustainability Series   Submissions Closed

Connecting Innovation Seekers and Solvers for a more sustainable future!

  • Sustainable, High-Performance Foams for Packaging Applications
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