Sprint Submission Form

We recommend using this Microsoft Word document as a tool to assist in saving and completing your submission.

Please use this Sprint Pitch Document Template.pptx when preparing your Spring Pitch Document, and print it to a PDF file.

Immediately after submitting this form, you will be able to upload a PDF file of your Sprint Pitch Document. Please review the Sprint Guidelines and Sprint Challenge page for instructions on content, page limits, format, file size limit, and more.

For additional guidance on how to formulate submissions, please utilize the TechConnect Response Guide.

Contact Information

Contact information should reflect only the principal Solver for this Entry. All communications related to the Entry will be sent exclusively to the individual indicated below. It is your responsibility to ensure that all information is accurate before completing this Entry form.

Note: In addition to the contact information, the following information may be made available to Judges and Seekers. Please do not include any confidential or proprietary information in your entry details.

Organization Information

Must start with a http:// or a https://, for example: http://www.acme.com

Your Sprint Entry

50 words max.
TRL numbers are defined here: https://www.nasa.gov/pdf/458490main_TRL_Definitions.pdf
Enter up to 3 technology keywords separated by commas.
Enter up to 3 market keywords separated by commas.
200 words max. What is transformational about this technology? How is it different from existing technologies?
200 words max. What industries does this technology impact near-term? Long-term? What unique benefits can your technology and/or business offer to a commercial partner?
50 words max. i.e. Prize, Challenge, Accelerator, Award Programs.
50 words max. VC, corporate, angel, grants, etc.
50 words max.
200 words max. Who are your existing clients? Who are the potential clients, buyers or end-users for this Sprint? What type of business partnership are you seeking with Innovation Seekers?
200 words max. Who are the key executives, technical resources, and gamechangers behind this technology?