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Sprint Challenge Brief:

Subject Matter Experts in Skin Care Science

Submissions Closed


Skin is a nexus point for health, connecting mind, body, environment, nutrition, and disease. Positive changes to skin health can often have positive downstream impacts and vice versa.

TechConnect Ventures' client, a multi-billion dollar, global personal care company, embarks on an expansive effort to improve the skin health of their users. The company hopes to collaborate with subject matter experts (SMEs) in the sciences of skin care and skin health.

Our wants to engage experts from all aspects of skin care and health science, including, but not limited to:

  • Biochemistry,
  • Biomechanics,
  • Dermatology,
  • Gerontology,
  • Therapeutic devices, and
  • Wound care.

The client hopes to connect with experienced and knowledgeable professionals for:

  • Consultative engagements,
  • Contract research, or
  • Joint development.

Interested respondents should submit a brief, non-confidential response providing compelling evidence of expertise in skin health or skin care. We recommend providing examples of previous work related to skin care/health.

The client team will review all eligible responses. TechConnect Ventures will contact select respondents and invite them to present a brief pitch to the client team, anticipated to occur in January 2022.

Through this project, TechConnect Ventures will facilitate interaction between the client and active researchers or technology developers. Submissions and novel concepts from individuals and organizations in academia and research are of significant interest, but we invite all viable technology providers to respond for potential commercial opportunities with the client.


Solvers submitting an entry should showcase the following criteria in their submission:

  • Background in skin care and/or skin health.
  • Specific research interests within skin care/health such as:
    • Conditions,
    • Treatments,
    • Demographic differences related to skin care/health, or
    • Devices
  • Ability to conduct research on behalf of or in conjunction with the client, if applicable
  • Examples of previous research and/or development of skin care/health treatments, if applicable
  • Type of collaboration sought

Business Opportunity for Solvers

TechConnect Ventures will include all complete and eligible entries in an exclusive innovation opportunity report to our client. TechConnect Ventures or the client will contact solvers with well-matched capabilities to discuss potential partnership opportunities, including – but not limited to – demonstrations, consulting, contract research, licensing, and more. TechConnect Ventures may also invite top-rated entries to register or participate in an upcoming TechConnect Ventures event or pitch program.

Participation Rules & Guidelines

Solvers are encouraged to review the Rules and Guidelines provided on the Sprint page for details about participation, including submission criteria, eligibility information, and more.

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